falafel pita wrap
chicken kabob pita wrap



The start of Hedary’s Food Truck goes back to the 60’s when my father’s family came to the United States from Lebanon to escape the war. My grandfather, Antoine Hedary opened the first Hedarys in Lebanon. I am named after him.

We use only the best ingredients, from fresh squeezed lemon juice to steak tenderloin delivered fresh each week. Our food is cooked at time of order so that you get the best Mediterranean food in the area.

It would be an honor to cater your next event. Let us help you create a memorable event with fresh Mediterranean food.

Fresh Mediterranean Food


Pita Wraps/Rice Bowl

Gyro Lamb or Beef


Kafta Sirloin Plate

Angus beef mixed with chopped parsley and onions with fresh Tzatziki.


Tabbouleh Salad

Dips comes with 2 fresh pita bread


Baklava Dessert

2 pc. baked filo pastry, pistachios and honey



Let Us


Leave the cooking to us. Contact us about catering your next event. We can bring our food truck and cook onsite. Your guest can order from our menu or we can create a custom menu for you. For smaller events, we can prepare the meals and deliver to you.

Hedary’s Food Truck is your catering solution for corporate events, dinner parties and wedding events. Fill out the form below to receive more information on catering.

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