The history of the food truck in America

Can you guess when the concept of a food truck began in the United States?  We see them (food trucks) everywhere we drive these days, but where did they get their origin?

A quick look at history books will reveal that the modern food truck actually got its origin from the chuckwagons found on cattle drives during the mid-to-late 1800s.  Cattle ranch owners would need to “drive” cattle hundreds of miles, from ranch to railyard, and the cowboys necessary to drive thousands of cattle that distance would need to eat during the weeks-long ordeal.  To solve that logistical problem, Charles Goodnight, a Texas rancher, outfitted an old Army wagon in 1866 with shelves to hold food for his ranch-hands.  On those shelves he put the basic ingredients for meals like beans, coffee, cornmeal, bacon, and barrels of water to drink.

By the late 1800s, retrofitted covered wagons started to appear on the East Coast, in some of the larger cities, parked in front of newspaper offices and some of the larger corporations. From those wagons, sandwiches and coffee were sold to employees.

Fast-forward to the 1950s, and every major city would have a fleet of food trucks serving hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs, tacos, and other fast-food staples of the American work scene.  Jump ahead to the 2010s, during the Great Recession, and the former “roach coaches” became chic, and specialty foods appeared on the streets, with gourmet dishes served to a work force on the go, a work force too busy to sit down in a fancy restaurant, but still curious about other cuisines and willing to pay for the convenience of the food truck menu.

food truck

Hedary’s food truck information

From that noble history comes Hedary’s Food Truck, featuring outstanding Lebanese and Mediterranean Food.  Our food truck has the following features:

  • Double-brick pizza oven
  • Chargrill
  • Gyro machine
  • Cummins diesel freightliner
  • 24-feet in length
  • Runs on own generator; does not need electricity

What we offer:

  • The ability to cook on site for our guests
  • The ability to cook to order instead of ordering from a pre-set menu
  • The ability to cook for more than 150 people at an event
  • In true Mediterranean tradition, only the freshest of foods/ingredients

Some of the Lebanese foods featured:

True to the history of food trucks

We are not that far removed from the old chuckwagon of Charles Goodnight, and we are not that far removed from the tradition of our relatives in Lebanon in the 1960s.  We combine both traditions in our food truck, the convenience of having food prepared on-site, wherever our customers may be, and the promise of only the absolute best in Lebanese food, a promise which has been the cornerstone of Hedary’s food for decades.

Call us at 817-631-0105, or email us at  Tell us what you need and when you need us, and like the old chuckwagons of yesteryear, we will be on site with the very best in Lebanese food, carrying on a tradition started halfway around the world many years ago.

Hedary's Food Truck