hedary's Mediterranean restaurant 1965
Hedary's Restaurant in Lebanon 1965



My grandfather, Antoine Hedary opened the first restaurant in Lebanon. It was called Hedarys Pizza because that was what he thought a restaurant should be called. My father, the oldest of 8 siblings, worked in the restaurant. He was 15 and remembers washing chickens in the mountains of Lebanon. My aunts and uncles served customers until they were told to attend school. It was a family affair.


hedary family
hedary's 1975

Carrying On


Each of my uncles went on to open their own restaurant using the family recipes. They were located in Dallas, Las Vegas and Fort Worth.

My dad opened Celaborelle in South Fort Worth. Lines were long and you had to wait an hour for your food. No one complained, though. It was worth the wait because you would have a huge pile of food for less than $10.

In Las Vegas, one of my aunts opened Khoerys and a cousin had a food truck called the Hummus Factory.

As time went on, my grandmother was not able to operate the original Hedarys due to age and health. My dad closed his restaurant to take over the original Hedarys.


My Start


I wanted to help my dad and keep the family name alive. I dropped out of high school to help my dad at the restaurant. I cooked among other duties and learned so much. I went on to attend the culinary school in Fort Worth, but didn’t finish.

At this point, my life took a drastic turn. i became addicted to drugs and was caught up in a world of crime. It all came to an end when I was convicted and sent to prison for 5 years.

Luckily I was able to turn my life around. Being away from my family and the family restaurant closed, I wanted to do something to give to the next generation of Hedarys. The childhood memories of eating at my grandmothers and the smell of fresh pita bread baking gave me the idea of starting a food truck.

Antoine Hedary

Chef & Owner Hedary’s Food Truck