We use only the best ingredients, from fresh squeezed lemon juice to steak tenderloin delivered fresh each week.

Our food is cooked at time of order so that you get the best Mediterranean food in the area.

The start of Hedary’s Food Truck goes back to the 60’s when my father’s family came to the United States from Lebanon to escape the war. My grandfather, Antoine Hedary opened the first Hedarys in Lebanon. I am named after him.

We would eat at my grandmother’s restaurant and I still remember the smell of fresh pita bread. I wanted to give Dallas Fort Worth a chance to taste the food I remembered so vividly growing up.

From this the Hedary’s Food Truck was born. Contact us for all your catering needs. From preparing and delivering the food to renting the food truck to cook onsite for you.

One day, down the road, I plan to open a restaurant just like my grandfather.