If you are looking for wedding catering in the Fort Worth area, and you are looking for something outside the box of conventional catering thinking, we have the solution for you, and that solution is Hedary’s Food Truck, specializing in Mediterranean food and, in particular, Lebanese food. Call us at 817-631-0105 and ask us about our Mediterranean menu and food truck catering.

Food truck wedding catering

Don’t let the words “food truck” throw you for a loop.  Since the 2000’s rang in, food trucks have become mobile purveyors of some of the finest specialized foods found anywhere in the United States.  They are much more than burritos and tacos. Name a specialty food and we can show you a food truck where that food is produced and delivered to a location.

The history of food trucks is a rich history. Very few among us has not eaten at a food truck. They are all governed by local Health Department regulations. They are, in fact, fine dining on wheels, and, really, they are no different than traditional catering for special events like a wedding.  Food truck catering is a viable alternative to the traditional, as many are finding out.

Traditional wedding catering

Traditional catering, the catering we are all familiar with, involves preparing the food at the company site/kitchen, and then delivering it to the event site.  It involves the same Health Department regulations as food truck catering. The only thing that is different is the location of the food preparation.

Why Mediterranean food?               

Why Mediterranean food for your wedding reception? Why Lebanese food?  Because, quite frankly, it is a taste experience your wedding guests will savor and remember for many years to come.  Mediterranean food is known for its spices.  It is known for its fresh vegetables.  It is known for its unique tastes.

Dishes like a gyro plate, hummus, falafel pita wraps, chicken kabobs, Baklavas, Tapas, these are taste sensations which will leave your wedding guests wanting more long after the reception has ended. They will provide special memories and, really, isn’t that what you want from a wedding and wedding reception . . . special memories?

Why Lebanese foods?

  • Lebanese cuisine is unique in that it is not strictly Mediterranean. Many of the Lebanese dishes use ingredients and flavors that aren’t in other Mediterranean food. It is unique and flavorful.
  • Typically, Lebanese dishes richer and more flavorful than Mediterranean dishes.
  • includes olive oil, tomatoes and cucumbers like med food but also incorporates meats such as lamb and beef and chickpeas in their dishes.
  • Lebanese food is based on Mediterranean cuisine.

Why Hedary’s Food Truck?

My grandfather, Antoine Hedary opened the first restaurant in Lebanon. It was called Hedary’s Pizza because that was what he thought a restaurant should be called. My father, the oldest of 8 siblings, worked in the restaurant. He was 15 and remembers washing chickens in the mountains of Lebanon. My aunts and uncles served customers until they were told to attend school. It was a family affair.

Each of my uncles went on to own restaurants and carry on the family tradition and now it is my turn to carry on that tradition.  I am proud to present to you the family recipes, recipes rich in Lebanese history, passed down with love over the years.